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Not only do I want to see more entry-level opportunities in radio for people with "non-traditional" backgrounds; I also want to see better capacity-building in newsrooms/editorial offices to support these positions! The work of making workplaces "more inclusive" can't fall to a handful of inspired individuals — it has to be planned out and accounted for in workflows, budgets, and staffing.
Rachel Yang
New Voices '21
Having such direct access to other audio creators, emerging and established, is just incredible. Audio can be such a solitary craft, which is part of what I love about it, but it’s also important to me to feel like part of something collective. The sense of community offered by [the New Voices] program has made me feel so hopeful about my ability to grow a sustainable career, in part because I can witness others growing and thriving in the field.
Aria Vega
New Voice '21
I want to see more entry-level opportunities in public radio. When I was applying for jobs for the first time a few years ago, these were not easy to find... I know not all fellowships are excellent, though, so as long as they exist, I want more of them to be well-paid with either clear hiring expectations at the end, or some training in how to apply for other jobs along the way.
Miranda Suarez
New Voices '21
I don’t want to sit down with a friend, hit record, chat for an hour, and call it a podcast. I want to create something with teeth. I want to create something that moves people... I wanted to treat these stories with reverence and the care they deserve. New Voices is exactly what I was looking for in order to explore and build the skills I need to create work I can be proud of.
Molly M. Pearson
New Voices '21

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