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Starting a new project? We have a contract for that.

AIR’s sample contracts are provided as an educational resource for AIR members. They are designed to model and promote fair terms between independent audio professionals and the shows, stations, and companies that license or commission work from them. 

These sample contracts, in concert with our Code of Fair Practices and our work on rates are an important resource for independent professionals in radio and podcasting and for the shows and stations that collaborate with independents to produce great work.

These contracts, and the notes we’ve added to help you make sense of them, are provided as an educational resource. Every project is different and a sample contract is never a substitute for one-on-one legal advice. We worked closely with lawyers to develop each sample contract and accompanying annotations, but “a lawyer” is not the same as “your lawyer.”

Legal language can be dense, and if your eyes glaze over trying to read it you’re not alone. In most cases it is just English and if you read it over a few times it will start to make sense. But one thing is certain: you shouldn’t sign a contract that you don’t understand.


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