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About AIR

AIR is a growing network of audio industry professionals integral to public broadcasting, journalism, podcasting and the narrative storytelling.

The journalists, podcasters, documentarians, technicians, and media entrepreneurs who energize AIR’s creative community, span 46 states and 30 countries worldwide. AIR’s productions, talent and mentoring programs enrich and expand an ecosystem where story makers create work that bring hope and enlightenment, with the power to embolden and unify.

Our Mission

AIR identifies, cultivates, and connects mission-driven story makers from across the U.S. and the world. We are committed to expanding the ecosystem where producers can do their best work.

Our Vision

That the most important stories and the best storytellers win.

The most important stories are those that are desperately needed and under-represented. The best storytellers are those whose perspectives and craft compel learning and engagement in communities and across audiences, regardless of status, geography, and other factors to be given the opportunity to reach local, national and global audiences alike.

Support the Work We Do

Your contribution to AIR translates to scholarships, Ambassador opportunities, AIR Mingles, AIR Daily and a more robust and activated Talent Network. Community is everything and your support will help to sustain and grow our ability to support audio freelancers and the remarkable stories they produce.

The AIR Organization

The Association of Independents in Radio (AIR) was founded in 1988 by a network of audio producers to advocate and provide professional development opportunities for independent/freelance producers working in public radio across the United States. It has since expanded to include meaningful partnerships and representation across  print, commercial audio and podcasting. 

AIR is supported by