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About AIR

AIR is a growing talent network of audio industry professionals integral to public media, journalism, podcasting and narrative storytelling.


The 1,500+ journalists, podcasters, story editors, audio producers, documentarians, engineers, sound designers and media entrepreneurs who energize AIR’s creative community span the United States and work in dozens of countries worldwide. AIR equips independent audio makers with mentorship, training, tools and peer support throughout their careers. Essential resources like our Guide to Fair Practice, rates research and sample contracts support members and advance fairness and equity across the industry. Our training and mentorship programs include New Voices, which forges connections and career paths for emerging talent and underrepresented voices in public media and narrative audio, as well as newer initiatives like SoundPath, the digital platform where we offer classes and mentorship, and Edit Mode, a paid fellowship program designed to diversify and expand the pool of working editors in public radio and podcasting. 

As a membership organization, AIR regularly hosts webinars and educational sessions and maintains active discussion forums and a Slack community, where we support members navigating the increasingly complex, fast-evolving narrative audio industry. Our vital weekly newsletter, thriving job board and robust talent directory connect producers, editors, and engineers with shows, stations, and outlets that need their expertise.

Learn more about AIR’s signature programs in support of the audio community.

Our Mission

AIR identifies, cultivates, and connects mission-driven story makers from across the U.S. and the world. We are committed to expanding the ecosystem where producers can do their best work.

Our Values

At AIR, we aspire to cultivate a community of learning, mutual support and accountability. We are more powerful as creators when we connect with, learn from and collaborate with our peers.

We know that diversity, equity, and inclusion must be actively practiced, and this consistently guides our work. When we aren’t hearing from the whole community, we aren’t hearing the whole story. We believe that newsrooms and media organizations must reflect the communities they cover; we support and hold them accountable to create the conditions that allow diverse voices and nuanced storytelling to thrive.

We value creativity, innovation and experimentation that move the craft forward. We resource and make space for inventive approaches to multimedia storytelling. And we collaborate on technologies, tools and infrastructures to support and increase the sustainability of our growing audio community.

We invest resources in untold stories and underrepresented storytellers, and believe that high-quality reporting and storytelling are essential tools to sustain a civically engaged, democratic society.

We believe in fostering a professional community rooted in shared standards of fair practice, designed to establish a level playing field; fairly value the work of independent media makers; and enable equitable negotiations and meaningful collaborations throughout one’s career.       

Support AIR’s Work

Your financial support and partnerships allow AIR to sustain our mission and expand our impact on behalf of the growing independent audio community. Whether you are a grant-making organization dedicated to fostering a more equitable media landscape; an experienced audio professional open to sharing your knowledge as a SoundPath training instructor; a peer organization or AIR member interested in collaborating on a bold co-production idea; or have the capacity to advise on our ongoing fair practice and equity work, we welcome your contributions—whatever form they may take.

About AIR

Since our 1988 founding by a group of freelance radio producers, AIR has advocated for and supported independent audio storytellers in public radio and podcasting. Today our vibrant community includes 1,500+ journalists, podcasters, editors, documentarians, engineers, and sound designers that span 47 states and 30 countries. 

Below, we invite you to learn more about our Board, made up of bold leaders and voices of change in public media and beyond; get to know our remote staff, based in Boston MA, Philadelphia PA, Newton NJ and Raleigh NC; explore a brief history of our organization; learn more about our signature programs, and keep an eye out for new career opportunities.

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