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When someone entrusts me with their truth, I love the challenge of carefully crafting a vignette of their life that is both compelling and genuine.
Miguel Perez
Reporter / New Voice '20
Member since 2020
A good story can help people see a part of themselves in somebody else, and it may inspire them to be more vulnerable and open to pursuing a dream they thought was long unattainable.
Diana Opong-Parry
Audio Producer / New Voice ' 20
Member since 2020
I wanted to give kids growing up today the same kind of access to different kinds of people and stories that I had.
Kamilah Kashanie
Reporter, multimedia producer, host
Member since 2019
From childhood, I've always been a fan of hearing audio that takes me on a journey. It's the perfect medium for learning and exploring when you have someone guiding you through places you're still imagining into reality. I love being able to do that for others as an adult.
Ronald Young Jr.
Member since 2018

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