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I’m so impressed with the fearlessness I’ve seen in the audio world to creatively tell nuanced and complicated stories about race in America.
Gabrielle Berbey
Documentary filmmaker and multimedia journalist
Member since 2019
What I love about storytelling is the fact that it allows me to serve as a listening ear to those who might not usually be given the opportunity to talk about the things that matter most to them. Being a journalist is a calling that I don't take lightly, and I'm grateful that people have entrusted me with telling their stories.
Jasmine Ellis
Audio Reporter/Producer and New Voice '19
Member since 2019
I wanted to give kids growing up today the same kind of access to different kinds of people and stories that I had.
Kamilah Kashanie
Reporter, multimedia producer, host
Member since 2019
From childhood, I've always been a fan of hearing audio that takes me on a journey. It's the perfect medium for learning and exploring when you have someone guiding you through places you're still imagining into reality. I love being able to do that for others as an adult.
Ronald Young Jr.
Member since 2018

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