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Ariana Martinez

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I am an artist and multimedia producer who values creativity, experimentation, and play. I work to create stories and build collaborative spaces that explore the widest range of possibilities.
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  • Chicago, IL

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About Ariana

I am a multimedia artist and radio maker interested in audio documentary, long-form narrative podcasts, and multimedia or cross-platform projects where audio and visual elements can live side by side.  I have produced radio feature stories for BBC 4's Short Cuts and BBC Radio 3's The Essay. I have sound-designed and engineered long-form narrative series for commercial clients, such as Immaterial (The Metropolitan Museum of Art and Magnificent Noise) and Say You're Sorry (Bucket of Eels and Audible Originals).I have worked with producers at Pineapple Street Studios on shows such as Netflix's Prism: Tales of Your City, The Clearing, Julie, and Headlong: Surviving Y2K. With a soft spot for terrestrial radio and community-run projects, I've also contributed to experimental broadcast radio programs like WFMU's Radio Row.  
In addition to my audio work, I regularly use my skills as a visual artist to assist those in the radio community. From illustration, graphics, and branding (see the Field Recordings podcast branding and the special edition cassette tape for Constellations: FEEL THE SKY) to video and animation (see SFMoMA's Raw Material: Six Degrees and Clean Water Wanted with Benny Becker for the Ohio Valley Resource), I am excited by the ways visual media can drive audiences toward audio work and enable additional forms of access. 
I am also a dedicated media educator and have taught for the City University of New York, The Salt Institute for Documentary Study at the Maine College of Art, UnionDocs, AIR's Soundpath, the Cooper Hewitt Smithsonian Design Museum, and AS220 Industries. Teaching and mentoring are some of the most joyful and valuable work I do, and I'm always open to new opportunities to connect with students, career changers, and emerging radio makers. 
I approach all of my work with a desire for experimentation and artfulness, and from the belief that audiences can be challenged by what they hear in audio content and still remain deeply engaged. I place a high value on work and workplaces that amplify voices that are systematically excluded from this field, and am especially interested in how to make our workplaces and our creative outputs more physically and cognitively accessible. I am eager to work with and learn from others involved in initiatives that improve workplace conditions and foster creative community.

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  • Reaper
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Previous Work

  • Sound Designer and Engineer at Magnificent Noise and the Metropolitan Museum of Art (July 2022)
  • Sound Designer and Engineer at Bucket of Eels and Audible Originals (August 2021)
  • Producer at Not Sorry Productions (February 2021)
  • Sound Designer and Engineer at Brain on Nature (November 2019)
  • Story Editor, Sound Designer, Engineer at Queer Public (June 2019)