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M Cristina Marras

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Sound explorer. Speaks languages. Talks to strangers.
Member since 2024



Italian, German
  • Recording
  • Scripting
  • Voice
  • Writing

About M Cristina

I have been an independent audio producer for almost 20 years, with a background in media and radio journalism acquired mainly in Melbourne, Australia, where I lived for 23 years before relocating to Italy.

In my work I have always sought to defy conventional labels, embracing hybrid narratives that go beyond categorisation, challenging the boundaries between creator and audience, and inviting listeners to experience a world where personal reflections, cautionary tales, triumphs, and more, blend in unexpected ways.

I have been commissioned works by the Australian Broadcasting Corporation (Radio National) and I have created audio narratives for public and private bodies (Cancer Council of Australia, Breastscreen Victoria, Goethe Institut, Politecnico di Milano, Università di Cagliari).

My work has been awarded the 2023 Transom Small, Random, and Meaningful prize and has been featured in Italian and international events: Leipziger Sommerfest 2023, Radiophrenia 2023, Berlin Hörspiel Festival 2022, UK International Audio Drama Festival (Audience award 2023 and 2022), On Air Fest Official Select 2022, runner up Premio Lucia 2020.

My audio production in Italian includes the geolocated urban storytelling web series Caccia all'Uomo, the augmented audio reality tracks published in the Nonturismo volumes Sant’Elia and Giorgino, and the choral narration Viva Voce created with voice messages sent by the public to form a collection of intangible snapshots.

I also maintain a Soundcloud channel and collaborate with international artists and podcasters. Among them are Stuart Fowkes' project, Cities and Memories, Sarah Geis' Audio Playground, Bagni Lucia by Radio Papesse, All The Best of the Australian Broadcaster, FBI Radio, and Ross Sutherlan’s Imaginary Advice.

M Cristina's Portfolio



  • Acting
  • Translation
  • Sound Design
  • Mentoring
  • Interviewing
  • Field Recording
  • Voiceover


  • and Soundman OKM II mike for binaural recording
  • Logic pro