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Regional Groups

There are radio and podcast listening groups all over the world. Our map and the list below includes the groups that we know about at AIR. If you know a group that should be listed here, please add it! And if you have corrections or contact information or see a group here that you know is now dormant, please let us know.

Email [email protected] or suggest corrections and additions directly.

What do the stars mean?

☆ New members have to be invited by a current member. Many of the groups listed here coordinate IRL gatherings in an online discussion group that is not open to the public. Fortunately, most of these groups have at least a few members who are also AIR members and subscribed to AIR Community Forums. If you want to connect with one of these groups, introducing yourself in the Regional Groups forum and asking for an intro to the group is a great place to start.

★ We don’t have a contact with an organizer in this group right now. If you do, we’d love to help AIR members connect.


Radio Club (Birmingham) meets every 6 to 8 weeks. Membership is primarily WBHM staffers and contractors; others welcome.


Freelance Cafe West (Oakland) used to hold monthly meetings of freelance writers, photographers and radio producers. Their meetings have lapsed but they still post a lot of great resources on their site and active discussion list

California Podcast Association (Oakland) meets on the third Tuesday of each month. 

Radiogines (SF Bay Area) is a discussion list for female identified radio folks in the Bay Area. ☆New members have to be invited by a current member. 

Baydio (SF Bay Area) is a discussion list for radio folks in the Bay Area. ☆New members have to be invited by a current member.  

Podcast Parlor (SF Bay Area) is a discussion list ☆  for Bay Area audio storytellers and podcast / radio enthusiasts who meet IRL to break bread, build community, and share and discuss audio art.

Listen Up L.A. (Los Angeles) Meets every other month and maintains an active Facebook Group. Focus varies depending on feedback from previous meetings. Listening, socializing, introducing equipment, special guests, having fun.

LAradio (Los Angeles) is a discussion list for fellow Los Angeles radio-makers and podcasters. ☆New members have to be invited by a current member.

Radio Angeleno (Los Angeles) is a discussion list for Los Angeles radio and podcast producers. Email [email protected] to request access to the group.

Santa Cruz Listening Lounge (Santa Cruz) is a monthly-ish meeting of musicians, producers, storytellers, and other audio enthusiasts to listen to and discuss, with some related field trips and experiments. Email [email protected] to be added to the list. 

San Francisco Podcast Parlor (San Francisco) hosts occasional Podlucks. [email protected]


High Altitude Radio Club is an email discussion list for Colorado radio and podcast producers. Meets in-person in non-COVID times. Email [email protected] to be added to the list.


CT Audio & Podcasting Community (Hartford) is a network of podcast creators based in greater Hartford. They gather to share, learn, meet, listen and network with other podcasters and audio lovers.


Atlanta Listening Soiree (Atlanta)


Chicago Radio Club is a discussion list for audio makers in the Chicago area. New members must be added by a current member. [email protected]


Who’s D.A.T.?/Listening Lounge (New Orleans)


Sonic Soiree (Boston) meets monthly and maintains an active discussion list. ☆ New members have to be invited by a current member.

Valley Audio Hearth (Northampton) meets every other month, generally invites two people to “curate” -to select audio stories they have heard and think would be interesting to discuss. Two hour meetings usually entail one hour of listening (to at least 2 pieces) followed by discussion


The Smitten Mitten Audio Collective (Detroit and Ann Arbor)


Twin Cities Radio (Minneapolis) meets monthly for speakers (presentations on all this audio) and workshopping. Email Britta Greene [email protected] to be added to the list.


North Carolina Audio Work Group (Durham) meets monthly, focus on offering feedback on works in progress and pitching new story ideas. A good space for people to come together to create new radio and to get to know each other. Email [email protected] for details.


NYC Radio Club (Brooklyn) meets monthly. ☆ New members have to be invited by a current member.

Freelance Cafe East (Hudson Valley) is an outgrowth of Oakland’s Freelance Cafe.


Listen Up PDX (Portland)  meets on the last Wednesday of the month. Members take turns hosting. Bring a snack to share. Join the Google group and introduce yourself. 


Philadelphia Listening Group (Philadelphia) meets monthly to hone pitches, socialize, listen, and create short projects.

Pittsburgh/Southwest PA Crafting/Listening Group (Pittsburgh)  meets monthly to craft stories and listen.

Philly Ladio Chapter (Philadelphia) Meets monthly to discuss fair wages, recent work, production, and successes. Email [email protected] for details. 


Nashville Podcasters (Nashville)  meets monthly.


★ Austin Listening Lounge (Austin)


Short Wave Audio (Hampton Roads) Meets monthly to share pieces, offer feedback, and meet local audio lovers. Email [email protected] for details on the next gathering. 

Virginia Audio Collective is a podcast network and host of audio makers meet-ups in Charlottesville, VA. Meet-ups are for anyone, not just members of the collective. Meet-ups take place every other month, often with a featured speaker, followed by socializing, sharing pieces, talking through issues, and more. Email [email protected] for details.


Seattle AIR Members (Seattle)  meet periodically to talks hop, socialize, share ideas and resources, collaborate.

SPARC--Seattle Podcast and Radio Club (Seattle) meets 3rd Tuesday each month

Seattle Radio is a discussion list to help radio and multimedia producers in Seattle meet and discuss projects.


DC Listening Lounge (Washington DC)is a collective of DC-based sound artists and enthusiasts. They meet monthly to listen together, lead workshops, audio-field trips and curate Sound Scene. Email [email protected] for details on monthly meetups.



Australian Radio Collective (Melbourne) meets every 4 to 6 weeks. Guest speakers talk about their work/project/process. Discussions about various projects members are involved in. Listening sessions. Professional development. Socialising. The gatherings are fairly informal and take place in homes, almost always with food and wine and conversation about all things radio.


Canadian Sound and Story Workshop maintains a Facebook group

Montreal Radio Club (Montreal, Quebec) is on Facebook.

Toronto Radio Club (Toronto, Ontario) meets monthly for discussion, listening, sharing, and friendship. They maintain a Facebook group and mailing list. 


Sonic Soiree Berlin meets monthly. Radio and podcast producers gather in the living room of one of our members, and host a potluck for the ears and the belly. Guests bring food and, if they like, a bit of audio that they loved hearing or that they’re currently working on. It’s a chance to meet fellow producers, get advice on stories, and hear examples of innovative radio.  Reach out to [email protected] if you are in Berlin and would like to join the mailing list. 


UK Audio Network, or UKAN is a discussion list to foster industry growth in the UK audio scene.

London Radio gathers at [email protected]


Gaydio is a discussion list for LGBTQ radio producers to use to support each other's work, go to each other's parties, and get to know each other. ☆New members have to be invited by a current member. 

LADIO is a discussion list for ladies in radio. ☆New members have to be invited by a current member. 

Radio Editors is a discussion list for audio editors around the country to swap ideas, advice, job tips, etc.

Radio Ambulante Listening Clubs convene to discuss NPR’s Spanish-language podcast Radio Ambulante. The community is a mix of producers and fans of the show, with a tilt towards show listeners. 

Editors Resource Group is a Slack for radio and audio editors. 

[email protected] is a google group, newsletter and directory for Spanish-speaking podcasters. We host webinars, write from various corners of the Spanish-language podcast industry, gather industry and audience research, and convene informal gatherings across Latin America to unite podcast producers to meet and share their work.

Public Media Millennials use both Facebook and Slack to gather and cultivate a space where millennials working in public media can share ideas, triumphs and setbacks.  

POC in Audio is a network of people of color working in radio and podcasting. They maintain a professional directory and a Slack community.