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Using the AIR Forums

Why did the forums change?

As part of our research and design process for the new website, we interviewed current and former AIR members and one thing that we heard was that you miss the sense of community that the AIR Daily used to have, and that you wanted more spaces for topical conversations. 

Based on that research, we made some big changes to our community forums. We’ve added a handful of topical forums, a space just for tape syncs, and, by member request, several region-based forums.

We’ve also added the ability to participate in all the forums right from your email inbox. Each forum has an email address that you use to start new conversations. 

Opting In 

You won’t get email from any AIR forums unless you subscribe to them! Even if you were getting AIRDaily in your inbox. 

There are two ways to subscribe: Visit the forum of your choice and click  “Get Alerts from this Forum” under the “Start a Discussion” button. Or manage all of your alerts and subscriptions in your Account Settings. Look for “Email Notifications” and scroll down to  “Send me AIR Forum Alerts”.

Our current topical forums include:

  • AIR Conversations is a place for all the conversations that don’t fit anywhere else. Think of this as the new AIRDaily! ([email protected])
  • Pitching is a place to share your struggles, and ask for feedback, ideas and introductions. ([email protected])
  • Tape Syncs has seen very little activity due to COVID-19 but if you want alerts when a tape sync is posted, you should subscribe to this forum.  You don’t have to be subscribed to post, so if you need a tape sync, send the details to [email protected] If you're posting a tape sync we *strongly* encourage you to lead with the location and date! A subject line like "BOSTON: Tape sync Fri., Oct. 11." helps ensure that folks in and around Boston will get back to you quickly, and let's AIRsters in New Mexico skim right past.
  • Technical Advice is hosted by our Engagement Strategist, Erin McGregor. It’s a place to ask questions about your gear, recording equipment, and software and get responses from experienced producers. ([email protected])
  • Website Questions and Feedback is a great place to see what other folks have noted on the new website and share your input. Start a new discussion on the site or email [email protected] to post to the forum.

Regional forums include a forum for  International Members. If you are a good point of contact for an existing regional group it would be fantastic if you’d hop on our Regional Groups forum ([email protected]) and introduce yourself, so that new AIR members know how to connect. 

Wishing for a forum that doesn't exist yet? Request it in the Website Questions and Feedback forum!

Posting to the Forums

Post to any forum by clicking “Start a Discussion” from your profile drop down menu or at You can also email a post to any forum, as long as your membership is current. Each forum has its own email address now!

Can I edit or delete a post?

Because posts and replies are sent to subscribers as soon as they are posted, there’s no way to edit posts that are already on the site. In extraordinary cases AIR staff can edit an existing post for you, but edits won’t be reflected in AIRster inboxes and many members will continue to respond to the post as it was sent to them. 

You can delete posts and replies you have posted (and you can ask a moderator to delete a post that is threatening or abusive), but this action will only remove the post (and any replies) from the site. 

Who moderates the Forums?

The Forums are moderated by AIR staff who work to follow the Community Guidelines.