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AIR Community Forum Guidelines

AIR Community Forums are where AIR members share, engage in building community while discussing audio-making, public media, and storytelling. AIR Community Forums are opt-in subject-based forums and are moderated by AIR staff who know and love our industry. The AIR community is made up of freelancers, journalists, podcasters, audio makers, storytellers, editors and more.

AIR's Values

At AIR, we aspire to cultivate a community of learning, mutual support and accountability. We are more powerful as creators when we connect with, learn from and collaborate with our peers.

We know that diversity, equity, and inclusion must be actively practiced, and this consistently guides our work. When we aren’t hearing from the whole community, we aren’t hearing the whole story. We believe that newsrooms and media organizations must reflect the communities they cover; we support and hold them accountable to create the conditions that allow diverse voices and nuanced storytelling to thrive.

We value creativity, innovation and experimentation that move the craft forward. We resource and make space for inventive approaches to multimedia storytelling. And we collaborate on technologies, tools and infrastructures to support and increase the sustainability of our growing audio community.

We invest resources in untold stories and underrepresented storytellers, and believe that high-quality reporting and storytelling are essential tools to sustain a civically engaged, democratic society.

We believe in fostering a professional community rooted in shared standards of fair practice, designed to establish a level playing field; fairly value the work of independent media makers; and enable equitable negotiations and meaningful collaborations throughout one’s career.

Using AIR Community Forums

Review our guide to using the forums for practical guidance on how the forums work.

Community Guidelines

AIR Community Forum is a community gathering space.  Collectively, we make this a productive space to develop our ideas, cultivate careers, and grow as audio professionals and media colleagues.

  1. Please treat the community with respect and professionalism. Treat other AIR members with the same respect you’d want in return. Hostile, degrading or dismissive language will not be tolerated and will result in your immediate removal from the forums. 
  2. Keep your posts to questions and issues that are of interest to the audio producers, reporters and engineers who make up our community. AIR community forums are not a space for general musings. AIR Community Forums are not a sale, promotion, or marketing tool. It’s fine to let others know what you’re working on, but please no sales pitches or repetitive offers, etc.
  3. Before you post to the forum, do check previously published topics to avoid repetitive posts. 
  4. If you post a job, grant or fellowship opportunity to the forums consider posting it on our Opportunities Board. Fill out the form and post your opportunity accordingly.
  5. Tape sync requests should be posted to the Tape Sync forum. Members who are looking for tape sync opportunities can subscribe for immediate updates.
  6. Be conscious about posting more than once a day. Your message reaches the mailboxes of hundreds of people each time you post. If you find yourself apologizing for the frequency of your posts, it might be a sign that you are posting too frequently.
  7. Do not share, publish or forward any messages in the community forums without the permission of the sender.  If you’d like to use the AIR Community Forums for discussion for educational purposes, seek permission from the people you want to quote directly.
  8. The forum is for current AIR members in good standing. If you let your membership lapse or you will lose access to the space. 
  9. At this time, the forums do support links but not attachments.

Members  who consistently fail to observe these guidelines will be reminded by the AIR staff. Repeat offenders, at AIR’s discretion, may be removed from forums.