AIR maintains this list of international production and listening groups as a service for audio producers and radio fans. If you want to join one of the groups below, or if you would like to start one in your area, email If we missed yours, please let us know!

• Radio Club (Birmingham)
Meets: Every 6 to 8 weeks.
More: Membership is primarily WBHM staffers and contractors; others welcome.

• Freelance Cafe West (Oakland)

• Listen Up L.A. (Los Angeles)
Meets: Every other month
More: Focus varies depending on feedback from previous meetings. Listening, socializing, introducing equipment, special guests, having fun.

• CT Audio & Podcasting Community (Hartford)
Meets: TBA
More: A network of podcast creators based in greater Hartford. Our goal: Share, learn, meet, listen and network with other podcasters and audio lovers.

• Atlanta Listening Soiree (Atlanta)

• Who’s D.A.T.?/Listening Lounge (New Orleans)

• Sonic Soiree (Boston)
Meets: Monthly

• Valley Audio Hearth (Northampton)
Meets: Every other month
More: We ask two people to “curate” -to select audio stories they have heard and think would be interesting to discuss. Our two hour meetings usually entail one hour of listening (to at least 2 pieces) and then having lively discussions about the pieces. Lots of focused, great conversations. We also socialize at the beginning and end.

• The Smitten Mitten Audio Collective (Detroit and Ann Arbor)

• Twin Cities Radio (Minneapolis)
Meets: Monthly

• Central North Carolina Audio Working Group (Durham)
Meets: Monthly
More: We focus on offering feedback on works in progress and pitching new story ideas. We’re also interesting in offering a space for people to come together to create new radio and to get to know each other.

• NYC Radio Club (Brooklyn)
Meets: Monthly

• Freelance Cafe East (Hudson Valley)

• Philadelphia Listening Group (Philadelphia)
Meets: Monthly
More: Honing pitches, socializing, listening, creating short projects.

• Pittsburgh/Southwest PA Crafting/Listening Group (Pittsburgh)
Meets: Monthly
More: Crafting stories, listening, scriptwriting, etc

• Nashville Podcasters
Meets: Monthly

• Austin Listening Lounge (Austin)

• Seattle AIR Members (Seattle)
Meets: Variable
More: Talking shop, socializing, sharing ideas and resources, honing pitches, collaborating, drinking tasty beverages, the works!

• Seattle Podcast and Radio Club – SPARC
Meets: Third Tuesdays of every month

• Listening Lounge



• Australian Radio Collective (Melbourne)
Meets: Every 4 to 6 weeks
More: Guest speakers talking about their work/project/process. Discussions about various projects members are involved in. Listening sessions. Professional development. Socialising. The gatherings are fairly informal and take place in homes, almost always with the inclusion of food and wine and much conversation about all things radio.

• The Toronto Radio Club (Toronto)
Meets: Monthly
More: Discussion, listening, sharing, friendship

• Sonic Soiree Berlin
Meets: Monthly
More: Once a month, radio and podcast producers gather in the living room of one of our members, and host a potluck for the ears and the belly. Guests bring their favorite kind of food and, if they like, a bit of audio that they loved hearing or that they’re currently working on. It’s a chance to meet fellow producers, get advice on stories, and hear examples of innovative radio.