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Localore Labs

Localore Labs is AIR’s investment in research and development to problem-solve for long-standing industry practices and biases in need of change, build new spaces to feature stories by independents and model how to effectively engage with them. The Lab’s current portfolio includes the following programs:

Equity and Fair Practice

Our equity initiative centers our commitment to supporting fair compensation and contracts for independent contributors. Through the initiative we support regular review of our Code of Fair Practice and sample contracts, along with tracking legislation that will impact independent contractors and aggregating data about the current state of work in radio and podcasting. We also work to improve compensation for independent contractors doing professional work in radio and podcasting. Our work on equity and fair practice provides AIR members with the tools they need to advocate and negotiate for their own needs, while also improving practice across the industry.

New Public & Assignment

New Public is AIR’s working name for our publishing and licensing venture, designed to engage independents in markets large and small in the production of hyper-local news for national audiences. Our goal is to deliver hyper local features for national audiences at scale. To support effective collaboration between editors and producers, AIR is building Assignment, a content management, licensing, payment, and talent matchmaking platform  to complement New Public.


AIR is committed to bringing diverse voices and local stories to the airwaves through co-productions. We regularly partner with public radio stations to co-produce experimental audio storytelling in collaboration with independent contributors.


SoundPath, AIR’s new digital training platform for the audio community, offers a mix of pre-recorded and real-time video classes in producing, editing, reporting, engineering, podcasting, and narrative audio storytelling for media makers—aspiring and professional alike.