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In March 2021, AIR launched SoundPath: a new digital training platform for the audio community. 

SoundPath offers pre-recorded and real-time video classes in audio-making, skills, craft and ethics for professional reporters, editors, producers, engineers, print reporters, podcasters, and narrative storytellers. 

Designed for both working audio professionals and newcomers to the craft, SoundPath classes are taught by industry peers who inspire, share, and establish standards for making great work for public radio and podcasts.

SoundPath builds on AIR’s extensive experience developing training programs, networking, and peer-to-peer mentorship opportunities that today’s audio makers need and value. In 2020, we launched a series of virtual workshops to unite the radio and podcasting community in sharpening their storytelling skills, and for the past three decades, we have run training programs and fellowships in partnership with leading professionals and media organizations. We will continue to leverage learnings from our virtual programming to meet the evolving needs of AIR’s community wherever they are, with accessibility and sustainability at the forefront of our work.

Contact [email protected] to start a conversation on SoundPath partnerships and sponsorships. 


Do I need to sign up for SoundPath?

SoundPath membership is included in your AIR membership. When you sign up for AIR membership we will automatically create a SoundPath account and send you an email invitation. Click on the link in the email to finish setting up your SoundPath account by setting your password.

What are the SoundPath benefits to AIR Members?

AIR members have free access to webinars, whereas non-members must pay $25 per webinar. AIR members also receive access to discounted classes, whereas non-members will pay full price. AIR members have access to webinar videos which are unavailable to non-members.

What kinds of trainings does SoundPath offer?

Webinars - A webinar is a one-time lecture followed by a question and answer period. Questions from participants will be fed to the instructor by AIR staff and are open to up to 500 participants. Live classes - A live class is an intimate experience with 10-30 students. Live classes can occur one time or over a number of weeks. Students may be assigned homework or required listening, and given direct feedback from their peers and the instructor. The cost of these classes vary, depending on the duration and time commitment. Mentorship - 60 minute 1:1 coaching and advisory sessions you can book directly with experts on SoundPath. Videos - Archived webinar recordings and more instructional video courses coming soon.

How do I know if I am an AIR member?

If you are unsure whether you are an AIR member, please log in at You should see your name in the top right corner. Hover over your name and go to Account Settings>Membership to check your status. If you have further questions email [email protected].

I don’t see the My SoundPath section, where is it?

A link to My SoundPath should appear in the top left of your screen. If you no not see it, and you see a Sign In button, you are not signed into SoundPath.

I’m an AIR member but I can’t find my SoundPath invitation, what do I do?

Double check by searching your email that you have not received any emails from the sender SoundPath. If you still cannot find your invitation, email [email protected] and we will get you up and running.

What is the relationship between AIR and SoundPath?

SoundPath is a project of AIR, and is run entirely by AIR staff.

Why is SoundPath a separate website to, and why do I need two accounts?

SoundPath is a pilot program, and we did not want to invest deeply in a full integration while we assess community interest in the platform. The platform we are testing provides a lot of features that are specific to training that does not.

How do you find and select instructors and mentors?

We have a programming committee that currently reaches out to potential instructors so we are able to be sure the mix of instructors and coaches represents our community. We are currently working to develop an open process for instructors to submit proposals.

When I try to create an account it says I already have one with that email address, why?

It's most likely that you are or were an AIR member and so we already set up an account for you using that email address. Please check your email for an invitation from the sender SoundPath, and click the link in the invitation to complete your account registration by setting a password. If you cannot find your email invitation please do not set up an account with a different email account. If clicking the invitation link doesn't work, you might try resetting your password or emailing [email protected].