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In January 2021, AIR beta-launched SoundPath: a new digital training platform for the audio community. Our instructors—our peers and colleagues—are eager to share their knowledge and inspire fellow independents to produce the breadth and depth of audio stories and listener experiences that make this medium so powerful. 

The platform offers a mix of pre-recorded and real-time video classes in producing, editing, reporting, engineering, podcasting, and narrative audio storytelling for media makers—aspiring and professional alike. Additionally, it includes mentoring and advisory services with successful audio, business, and legal professionals available to book on an hourly basis. It will also feature courses provided by trusted partners, both in audio-making and related media disciplines.

This programming fills a pivotal industry gap for audio makers seeking an opportunity to hone their craft and learn what is expected, respected, and valued from leading voices in our community.

SoundPath builds on AIR’s extensive experience developing training programs, networking, and peer-to-peer mentorship opportunities that today’s audio makers need and value. In 2020, we launched a series of virtual workshops to unite the radio and podcasting community in sharpening their storytelling skills, and for the past three decades, we have run training programs and fellowships in partnership with leading professionals and media organizations. We will continue to leverage learnings from our virtual programming to meet the evolving needs of AIR’s community wherever they are, with accessibility and sustainability at the forefront of our work.

Whether you are an audio professional interested in becoming an instructor or a media organization curious about partnering with us on a course, please direct SoundPath questions to AIR’s Head of Product Innovation, Hannah Eaves.

Visit to be the first to know when courses are open for registration.