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Organization (Group)

Part of a team? Join the Association of Independents in Radio as an Organization to purchase 2+ memberships for your team.  

An Organizational (Group) Membership gives your team access to a vibrant community of audio professionals to network, learn and collaborate with. Get involved in important industry discussions and receive technical advice on AIR's Community Forums. Give your team access to discounted webinarslive-classesmentorships on SoundPath, plus a library of recorded trainings, and resources to support the professional development of your staff. Grow your team by recruiting from the 1500+ audio professionals featured our Talent Directory and give your team the opportunity to show off their work. Plus, everyone on your team benefits from discounts on industry tools including software, gear, and trainings from our many partners. Support AIR’s ongoing work on rates, equity and fair practice and programs that expand the pool of qualified audio professionals from traditionally underrepresented communities.

Please note: Organizations have one vote in AIR board elections. 

*All payments are non-refundable

Please consider auto-renewal as it will help us plan for future AIR programs. You will be able to remove auto-renewal at any time from Membership in your Account Settings.
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