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Video Conferencing Community Guidelines

AIR hosts virtual community events such community coworking spaces and we work hard to ensure that these spaces are safe and accessible for everyone. 

AIR's Values

At AIR, we aspire to cultivate a community of learning, mutual support and accountability. We are more powerful as creators when we connect with, learn from and collaborate with our peers.

We know that diversity, equity, and inclusion must be actively practiced, and this consistently guides our work. When we aren’t hearing from the whole community, we aren’t hearing the whole story. We believe that newsrooms and media organizations must reflect the communities they cover; we support and hold them accountable to create the conditions that allow diverse voices and nuanced storytelling to thrive.

We value creativity, innovation and experimentation that move the craft forward. We resource and make space for inventive approaches to multimedia storytelling. And we collaborate on technologies, tools and infrastructures to support and increase the sustainability of our growing audio community.

We invest resources in untold stories and underrepresented storytellers, and believe that high-quality reporting and storytelling are essential tools to sustain a civically engaged, democratic society.

We believe in fostering a professional community rooted in shared standards of fair practice, designed to establish a level playing field; fairly value the work of independent media makers; and enable equitable negotiations and meaningful collaborations throughout one’s career.

The following rules help us foster a welcoming community and apply to all AIR virtual spaces:

We insist on the following 

  • We agree to treat the community with respect and professionalism. Treat other community members with the same respect you’d want in return. Hostile, discriminatory, degrading or dismissive language will not be tolerated.
  • We agree to prioritize psychological and physical safety by refraining from using abusive language, engaging in oppressive behavior, or harassing fellow members.
  • We, as individuals and as a community, agree to be mindful of our own privileged backgrounds (such as wealth), our privileged identities (such as being white, male, cisgender, or heterosexual), and the privileges we have because of our positions at work (such as having power over someone’s job), and how these privileges will be brought into this space. 
  • Do not take any personal recordings or screen shots of the virtual space. Please note that AIR does record webinars but you will always be notified in advance. We will always ask permission before we take screen shots for promotional purposes. 
  • You will be set to mute when you enter the virtual space. You can unmute when you want to speak or are called upon to speak or introduce yourself. Otherwise, please keep your mic off. 
  • Use the “Rename” feature to indicate the name you’d like us to use, as well as your pronouns. Pronouns are words used to reference a person without using their name such as she/her, they/them, or he/him. Click participants, find your name and right click to change your name and pronouns so we may properly address you. 
  • Click the “Raise Hand” button at the bottom of your Zoom window when you’d like to speak or indicate that you haven’t spoken yet. 
  • Be conscious about how frequently you speak and for how long. We aim to give all participants equal time to speak and share whenever possible. A good rule of thumb is that in a room of N people you should speak one Nth of the time. 
  • AIR Community events are not a sales, promotion, or marketing tool. It’s fine to let others know what you’re working on, but please no sales pitches or repetitive offers. 
  • Should you have concerns or complaints about specific behavior, please send a message to a staff member using the private chat feature so we may document your concern and determine recourse. 
  • We strive to create a welcoming community. If you have accessibility needs that aren’t being met, we want to know how we can do better. Please let staff know so we may do our best to accommodate you. Contact [email protected] for assistance. 

We are a small staff. If you need help or support, you can always reach out to our Membership Lead Lynn Casper ([email protected]) or anyone on the AIR staff

Get the most out of your community experience: 

  • Choose a view that is right for you. Set your view to speaker or gallery view and also hide-self view in Zoom. 
  • When your camera is on, try to be in a well lit space so we can see you. 
  • Try using “jazz hands” in lieu of audible applause or enthusiasm. Get familiar with options available under the reactions button such as thumbs up, applause or hearts. 
  • The chat feature can be used to share information and resources related to topics being discussed. Feel free to share your social media handles and link to your profile in the AIR Talent Directory. 
  • Ask the moderator to work in a break out room with other members. 
  • There’s no obligation to participate if you’re not up to it. If you are called upon to speak or introduce yourself and you’d rather not, just say “pass” or type pass in the chat.