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Webinar: Monetizing Your Podcast - Need to Knows

webinar Monetizing Your Podcast - Need to Knows

Podcast monetization is one of the biggest hurdles for many podcasters. This webinar covers everything from knowing when you’re ready to start monetizing your show, to understanding how to leverage your niche and audience to get paid. Do numbers matter when it comes to getting paid on your show? How does your online presence affect your ability to create income from your podcast? These are just some of the questions we will answer in this 90 minute webinar.

Debbie Arcangeles (she/her) is the host of The Offbeat Life podcast, a show that has been named one of the top travel podcasts to listen to by Travel and Leisure, Sports Illustrated, Refinery 29 and more. Her main super power is her negotiation abilities, which has allowed her to partner with companies like Johnson & Johnson, Olympus, Logitech, Hotel Tonight, and so much more! She aims to help seasoned podcasters monetize and create a lifestyle that they truly want from their show. 

The recording of this webinar is available free for AIR members and webinar attendees. Watch this recording on SoundPath

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