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Marketing 101

Below you’ll find resources on how to market your podcast, including past webinars AIR has hosted marketing to Freelancer Tools and a round up on useful articles.


  • Building Podcast Audiences: Start Strong and Carry On with Rekha Murthy
    Drawing listeners to your podcast starts with a compelling presence, and keeps going till the last episode drops. Podcast Strategist Rekha Murthy takes us through how content strategy and creative outreach can get your show found, heard, and shared.
  • DIY Podcasting for Independent Podcast with Lynn Casper
    Independent Podcast Producer and Homoground creator Lynn Casper has been marketing podcasts for more than a decade. In this session, you will learn DIY marketing strategies to grow your podcast and web presence. By the end of the session, you’ll be equipped with the tools you need to build your marketing strategy without the burn out.
  • 3 Part Summer Tune-Ups with Jeremy Helton
    Inspired by the AIR Tune-Ups held each year at Third Coast International Audio Festival, Jeremy Helton leads three 20-minute sessions designed to help you better understand the challenges and opportunities of podcast promotion and make a plan based for your podcast on your resources. Tune in to tune-up your podcast! 
  • NPR One -- Indie Podcasts, Big Impact with Emily Barocas
    Join AIR and Emily Barocas, Podcast Lead for NPR One, as she dives into what types of shows she's looking for, how to get your podcast on the app, and the curation and recommendation tools NPR One uses to get your show in front of more listeners!

Freelancer Tools

  • Can Audio Go Viral?
    A collection of articles about audio viralability.
  • Best Practices for Sharing your Podcast on Social Media with Simplecast
    Whether you’re a new podcaster or have been a recording pro for years, there are so many questions that can come up and swirl around for helping your podcast succeed. There can be conflicting information when trying to figure out the best social sharing practices for you and your show, but when it comes down to it, creating the best social sharing practice isn’t as hard as you may think. This article shares a few things to keep in mind. 
  • Case Study: How to Promote Your Podcast
    This case study looks into how the producers of "Pitch", a stories-behind-the-music podcast about bands and musicians, increased their audience by treating their second season as if it were an album. 
  • How do lesser known podcasts build audience?
    An article written by AIR member Ashley Milne-Tyte, creator of “The Broad Experience” podcast.


  • Sheeba Joseph
    Sheeba is a great mentor for those looking to gain insight into how to transition into audio podcasting or pitching stories to different outlets. She can teach you how to strengthen your business skills, including but not limited to podcast marketing, project management, content management, and scheduling. With a current role as Audience Growth Director for an independent outdoor podcast, she is a great fit for anyone looking to grow and market their show. Sheeba would love to work with WOC/POC and shows that work to include the lived experiences of underrepresented communities into their format or storytelling.

Other Resources

  • Transom's Podcasting Basics
    series includes a segment on hosting and distribution
  • PRX's Podcasting 101 Series
    This series has an episode on “Publishing and Distributing" and another on "Reaching Your Listeners" that address some of the basics of getting your podcast out there.

Anything to Add? 

This resource will be updated as we come across more helpful marketing resources. We'd love to see this resource continue to grow! If you know of a great resource that isn't listed here, please let us know! Email [email protected].