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Level Up Your Investigative Research Skills

Award winning researcher Mago Torres talks about approaching research as a creative process and explore unexpected ways to collect archives, data, and other sources for your reporting. The workshop explores some of the open resources and platforms available, and looks at how to use a few other tools that can be unexpected sources of information, including FOIAs, library resources, document repositories, databases, and knowledge communities.

Even if you don't think of your work as investigative reporting, the tools that investigative reporters use can shed light on unexpected stories.  Start planning a research journey with an international approach.

Mago Torres is an investigative journalist and researcher. She has worked on countless award winning international investigations including Luanda LeaksFinCEN Files and the Pulitzer winning Panama Papers. She was also part of the Mexican collective investigation “El país de las dos mil fosas,” which won numerous reporting awards. She was a 2018 John S Knight Fellow at Stanford University. She is based in Chicago and holds a Ph.D. in humanistic studies.

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View the slide deck for this workshop and the shared notes from the session.