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Yhane Washington Smith

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I write and independently produce audio dramas.
Member since 2024
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About Yhane

Hi! I am a filmmaker, writer, producer, folklorist, film festival founder, Columbia University Community Scholar and ten time Lower Manhattan Cultural Council grant recipient.  In 2019, I independently produced and launched Harlem Queen. I've also made the limited series titled 1972 - The Chisholm Campaign Trail and the Davis Trial . Finally, I made a western because I never liked westerns, titled  The Courtship of Mona Mae.   

I grew up in New Jersey, in the heart of the Pine Barrens, just outside of Atlantic City. When I was a teenager, I collected the stories of the women in my small hometown and I use many of those profiles to create characters.

My first job was picking blueberries in one of Jersey’s finest blueberry fields. I am no stranger to hard work.

In the 1990s B.C. - (Before Children) I worked as a PA, AP, PM, PC, AD on films, TV shows and commercials. I worked with directors such as Spike Lee and Joe Pytka.

I just recently learned that I am the great-great granddaughter of a Civil War Veteran who was a freeman in 1850. That’s one of the reasons why I keep my maiden name - Washington.

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