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Veena Hampapur

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Anthropologist committed to storytelling for social change.
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  • Los Angeles, CA

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About Veena

Veena produces and edits a show called Re:Work at the UCLA Labor Center, which elevates stories of work to humanize and break down economic and racial justice issues. Veena also created Memos from Motherhood, a podcast that unpacks stepping into parenthood during a global pandemic. 

Veena lives at the intersection of ethnography-social justice-pop culture. She earned a PhD in Sociocultural Anthropology from UCLA where she examined how race, immigration, education, and policing shape one another in 21st century America. Veena is a filmmaker and 2012 Visual Communications Armed with a Camera Fellow; her films include advocacy and education films for community organizations as well as documentaries that have been showcased in film festivals, classrooms, and by the Smithsonian. Now working in communications, she is committed to public education and making information available to all.

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