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Jacob Kramer-Duffield

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I’m Jacob Kramer-Duffield, Ph.D. and I’m a digital audio strategy consultant.
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  • Brooklyn, NY


Jacob is available for

I’ve been working in and around digital audio – which is to say, podcasts – for a decade: on audience research, analytics, monetization, growth, and strategy. I won’t make your podcast for you (I know who could) but I can talk to you about pretty much everything else with regards to digital audio. Namely

-Should I/my company have a podcast? Or engage in the audio space in some way?
-What would that look/sound like?
-How will that support business goals?
-What would it take to get it done?

If you are thinking about audio in any way, and there’s a question mark at the end of those thoughts – let’s talk.
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About Jacob

I'm a freelance podcast consultant and Audience Strategist and Head of Business Development for Audiation. I’ve

  • worked with major national publishers to establish their audio strategy, both editorial and business;
  • helped agencies establish a podcast production capability;
  • worked with major audio startups on their audience approach and metrics;
  • worked with major national brands and nonprofits to tell their stories via audio;
  • led research on best practices in audio preservation;
  • worked with universities on producing podcasts;
  • worked with international news organizations and public radio stations on auditing and assessing their analytics and strategy.

See a run-down of one of my engagements, here. See what I think about and teach, here.





Jacob's Portfolio



  • Show Development
  • Audience Development

Previous Work

  • Manager of Digital Analytics at WNYC (2014)
  • Head of Digital Analytics at New York Magazine (2016)
  • Director, Data Science and Analytics at Megaphone (neé Panoply) (2017)