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Claire Reynolds

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  • Atlanta, GA



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My passion for broadcasting began as a music DJ at Georgia State University's 100,000 watt WRAS FM/Album 88 and has continued through my most recent work creating my own podcast THE DIFFERENCE ATL from soup to nuts and as a freelance podcast producer for America's Test Kitchen, BirdNote and Making Contact and field producer for PRX, Vice News Reports, NBC's Into America, The Intercept, Slate, Morgan Stanley and more. I previously served as senior producer for the daily, one-hour arts and culture program “City Lights with Lois Reitzes” at WABE 90.1 FM (NPR Atlanta). During my time in California, I was a host of the daily “KHSU Magazine” and producer of Native American features for “Along the River” at KHSU-FM (NPR Humboldt State University in Arcata). I also spent ten years as a documentary and television series producer, director and editor at PBS North Coast/KEET-TV in Eureka, California. 

As a radio and television journalist I have become skilled at tapping into the power of storytelling through thorough research and thoughtfully crafted interviews for radio, television, online and print outlets. I have envisioned and crafted radio and television content which provides enlightening information on topics such as: efforts to reduce racial profiling of Native Americans, the establishment and restoration of Redwood National Park, the contributions of Native American WWII veterans, swing bands in WWII Japanese-American incarceration camps, methamphetamine addiction and recovery, Alzheimer’s disease, renewable energy and sustainable agriculture. I am curious by nature and truly enjoy learning about a variety of subjects. I believe that desire to cultivate understanding shines through in the content of my work.


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  • My remote gear includes a Zoom HD handy recorder, Audio Technica AT875R and Accacia Audio LIZ shotgun mics and SHURE SM58 and SHURE microphones. I have two floor mic stands and two tabletop stands. I also subscribe to Adobe Audition and Descript.