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Amanda Hickman Appointed Interim Executive Director of AIR

October 4, 2021 -- AIR is pleased to announce the appointment of Amanda Hickman as AIR’s interim Executive Director.

Amanda first began working with AIR in May 2019 and joined us full time in September 2019. She brings a wealth of experience and affinity for audio independents to this position. As Managing Director, she established long overdue updates to AIR’s rate guides, Code of Fair Practice, and expanded equity and fair practice resources for independents. Amanda is a familiar face to our members and through managing the day-to-day operations of AIR, a trusted leader among staff.

Our board is excited to welcome Amanda to the helm of AIR. Amanda’s dedication to our membership makes her the right choice for AIR’s next chapter. During her tenure as interim Executive Director, AIR will begin the process for hiring our organization’s next leader.

Kiyoshi (Ken) Ikeda has resigned and will be returning to his company, Studiotobe, where he will focus on production work including Self Evident and Viewers Like Us.

Prior to joining AIR, Amanda led BuzzFeed’s Open Lab for Journalism, Technology, and the Arts. She has taught reporting, multimedia storytelling and data visualization at the UC Berkeley Graduate School of Journalism, CUNY Graduate School of Journalism, the CUNY Graduate Center, and Columbia Journalism School. She also a mentor and editor with Emojination, advisor to and takes great pride in bringing 🪡🧷🧵 and 🧶 to keyboards everywhere. Before any of that, Amanda interned in WNYC’s newsroom, where she realized just how hard it is to build a career as an independent radio producer.

With this transition, AIR is positioned to continue to serve its non-profit mission to support audio makers, building on Ken’s contributions over the past two-and-a-half years. We are deeply grateful to Ken for his commitment to AIR and his work to build a strong foundation for all the work we have planned.

AIR (Association of Independents in Radio) is a growing talent network of audio industry professionals integral to public media, journalism, podcasting, and narrative storytelling. Since its 1988 founding AIR has advocated for and supported independent audio storytellers in public radio and podcasting. Today their vibrant global community includes 1,440+ journalists, podcasters, editors, documentarians, engineers and sound designers that span the globe. Additional information can be found at

Photo of Amanda Hickman