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Webinar: Social Media for Podcasts

webinar social media for podcasts with manuela bedoya marketing lead at LWC Studios

Social media is one of the most accessible and affordable tools for podcast promotion. In this webinar, LWC Studios’ Marketing Lead Manuela Bedoya teaches you how to use social media to promote your podcast. Learn how to promote your podcast on social media by upcycling your podcast content.

Manuela Bedoya (she/her) is LWC Studios’ marketing lead. She has experience in several aspects of digital marketing, including brand building, social media management and strategy, market research, content development, email marketing and website design. Manuela has a passion for helping creators find their people. And, connecting consumers and audiences to ideas that resonate with who they are.

The recording of this webinar is available free for AIR members and webinar attendees. Watch this recording on SoundPath