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Webinar: Financial Strategies in Times of Crisis

As a result of the coronavirus crisis, we're probably all worried about money. Trying to figure out how to pay rent or how much longer we'll need to work since our retirement savings took a major hit. On Monday, April 6 AIR hosted a workshop on strategies to help you survive economic uncertainty.

Pamela Capalad, co-founder of Brunch and Budget, certified financial planner (CFP), accredited financial counselor (AFC) and podcast host address some of the financial questions that have been keeping us up at night. Also facilitating will be podcast co-host Brian ‘Dyalekt’ Kushner. He is Brunch and Budget’s Director of Pedagogy at Pockets Change, their Hip-Hop and finance program for youth. 

From figuring out which bills to pay when you can't pay everything, to getting money through the stimulus package, they discuss strategies for surviving in uncertain times.

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