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Webinar: Creating a Podcast Pitch Deck and Budget (January 2022)

webinar creating a podcast pitch deck and budget with allison behringer host and executive producer "bodies"

Pitching your idea for a podcast? Bodies host and executive producer Allison Behringer walks you through making a winning pitch deck and a budget in this recorded webinar.  

Allison Behringer is an award-winning narrative audio journalist. She is the creator, host and executive producer of Bodies, a feminist documentary podcast supported by NPR-affiliate KCRW. Allison is also a founding member of the Rough Cut Collective, which provides honest and compassionate feedback for audio stories. In the past, she was a story editor and producer at The Cut podcast and made The Intern podcast. She received her bachelor’s in sociology from Princeton University and attended the Salt Institute for Documentary Studies. Allison loves all things outdoors and riding her bicycle everywhere she goes.

The recording of this webinar is available free for AIR members and webinar attendees. Watch this recording on SoundPath