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Yohance Lacour

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In addition to my work at the Invisible Institute, I use my available time to continue my storytelling and creative writing practice as it intersects with topics and issues that impact Black communities in Chicago and beyond. I also am a multidisciplinary artist and own a luxury leather handmade goods company, YJLacour, from 1-of-1 to collections in bags, sneakers, forever cards and more. Open for commissions. I'm always hungry to work with like-minded folks and think of ways to collaborate, from culture and storytelling to fashion and art.
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About Yohance

Yohance Lacour (he/him) is a writer from the Southside who's committed to telling stories of Black Chicago from the ground. He's always had feet in multiple worlds, and has been a playwright, a journalist, and an entrepreneur. These varied experiences have served to provide a unique perspective around topics that generally prove to be polarizing and divisive in today's society. After serving a decade-long sentence in federal prison, he returned home in 2017 to resume his tradition of Black storytelling. He currently runs the luxury leather label YJL and was recently featured in Smithsonian Magazine. He's also an Invisible Institute fellow.