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Tyler Greene

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I am a seasoned media professional with over 15 years of experience crafting and leading successful shows in audio, personal storytelling, and live entertainment.
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I am looking for work as an Executive Producer/Showrunner, Creative Producer, Senior Producer, Story Editor, or Host/Interviewer. I'm also skilled at producing live podcast events.
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About Tyler

Currently, I hold a pivotal role as the driving force behind "A Slight Change of Plans," an award-winning personal growth podcast that facilitates intimate and thought-provoking conversations with scientists, celebrities, and everyday people. My journey has involved collaborations with industry leaders such as Apple, Google, Audible, NPR, WBEZ, Pushkin Industries, and others. I've had the privilege of both producing and hosting shows for these organizations that captivate, educate, and entertain large audiences. My work is not merely a profession but a passion, rooted in storytelling, empathy for both guests and the listener, and a firm commitment to promoting inclusion and diversity in each endeavor. My skill set encompasses expertly managing teams, editorial content direction, show development, process optimization, cross-functional collaboration, cost-effective budgeting, and detail-oriented organization. I’ve been told I’m intensely curious, a good listener, deeply empathetic, and have a pretty good sense of humor. I'm perpetually on the lookout for innovative approaches to craft and enjoy sharing stories that exert a positive and measurable influence on the world.

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