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Tashmica Torok

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Come for the Popaganda. Stay for the abolition.
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  • Lansing, MI


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About Tashmica

Tashmica Torok is a queer, Black woman who centers her work around connecting dope ass people to liberatory ideas so that we can all get free. As an abolitionist, Tashmica is cultivating her community’s ability to imagine, build, and maintain ways to intervene on acts of violence without relying on police, prisons, or other state institutions as a path towards ending state-sanctioned violence against Black and brown people. She is also the founding CoDirector of The Firecracker Foundation, a healing community working to end child sexual abuse based in Lansing, MI.

To learn more about Tashmica you can click here or follow her on Tiktok @Tashmica_ for an inside look at what she’s growing - in her garden and in her work. To learn more and subscribe to the Popaganda Podcast visit

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