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Stacey Parshall Jensen

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I'm a writer, screenwriter and storyteller. I'm also a Sensitivity Reader-Diversity Editor-Cultural Consultant. I love being a mom, wife, auntie, nana, sister and friend. I also love being of service to others.
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  • Minneapolis, MN
  • Los Angeles, CA


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I provide sensitivity review for writers striving for inclusivity and respectful representation of marginalized populations. I also provide diversity editing and cultural consultant for these themes: race, inclusion, BIPOC, mental health, addiction, women and children, and violence. I love working with writers who are curious and open to learning more about authentic storytelling.
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About Stacey

I'm Mixed-Blood, Mandan and Hidatsa Indigenous from the MHA Nation in North Dakota, and Black. I live in Minneapolis and Los Angeles depending on when the snow falls. I'm very proud and happy mom, nana, auntie, niece, sister and friend. I write TV and film crime suspense thrillers with Mixed-Blood or Indigenous women leads who kick ass. My stories are about race, oppression, women, families, love and hope. 

When not viewing an international crime series, you may find me dancing and air-jamming to 70' and 80' tunes in my office. Or in my car. 

I believe my consulting services are how I'm giving back, using my talent, expertise and life experiences to help artists. One common goal between you and me is to be respectful storytellers. Let me be of service to you. 



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