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Scott Miles

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Audio producer at Houston Public Media. I produce & edit narrative and investigative podcasts. I’m most interested in stories on climate change, disasters, extremism, democracy, urban politics, tech disruption, & social injustice.
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About Scott

I create investigative and documentary audio productions, particularly limited-run podcast series. I bring a wide range of experiences and expertise to my audio work. For 25 years, I worked as a research scientist and professor. I published research on disasters, climate change, urban development, technology, government policy, and social issues. I have interviewed hundreds of people worldwide, from the top of city halls to international relief camps. I've published in and been interviewed for several news outlets. Telling stories about complex topics like technology and science in compelling ways is a strength of my work. I was an assistant producer for Houston Public Media. I'm a musician and songwriter with recording and sound engineering experience. I performed across the Pacific Northwest with multiple bands and solo. My degrees are in civil engineering (BS, MS) and human geography (Ph.D.). I studied improv and storytelling at Ryan Stile's Upfront Theater and the Alan Alda Center, having trained others in storytelling. I'm also a member of Society of Professional Journalists, Society of Environmental Journalists, and Investigative Reporters and Editors.

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Previous Work

  • Freelance Assistant Producer at Houston Public Media (September 2022)