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Sara Harris

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Member since 2010
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About Sara

For over 20 years, I’ve made my living as an audio artist and public radio journalist in Los Angeles and México with a focused on issues of urban land-use, education, and environmental equality. For three years in the wake of the 2008 recession, during the subsequent boom in Los Angeles real estate development, I launched and hosted Hear in the City: radio realities from the urban landscape on KPFK, 90.7FM with a talented group of young reporters. Before that, I enjoyed an enriching tenure as L.A. bureau chief of Youth Radio at NPR West. My stories can be found on Marketplace , All Things Considered , Morning Edition , Living on Earth , and Mexico’s IMER national network. One of my favorite collaborative endeavors as an artist is: RadioSonideros- a collective whose works have been commissioned for The New York Port Authority’s FM Ferry Experiment , Metabolic Studio’s Not a Cornfield at the Los Angeles State Historic Park, and The Sounds of Cesar Chavez for the L.A.’s Great Streets Initiative with the Boyle Heights Arts Conservatory. In the teaching realm, I have produced multimedia documentary with teens at award-winning nonprofit ArtworxLA, and with a crack group of high school students in Tijuana on AudioPostales: cross-border radio. I have am a lifelong gardener and stray dog-and-cat steward, the pursuit of which eventually took my mapping and people skills to a higher level as an Intervention Coordinator at the Northeast Los Angeles Animal Shelter with Home Dog L.A., a non-profit dedicated to helping people care for their pets in times of most need. My passion for native SoCal plantlife and neighborhood gardening and fruit-sharing in my historic neighborhood of Solano Canyon sparked me to become a Master Gardener. I run everyday with my two boisterous dogs in Elysian Park, rain or shine, and I continue to map sound and produce audio landscapes in the realm of cinema and art galleries. My current projects are an experimental documentary film in the high desert and MyEveryDayRadio.



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