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Reva Goldberg

Producing nonfiction audio stories is my passion and my job. With an extensive background in film and documentary production and communications before I became a podcast producer, I offer a unique blend of skills—narrative, technical and strategic.
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  • Brooklyn, NY

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My favorite projects are documentary pieces or segments and nonfiction narrative series. I also consult privately with clients interested in starting a podcast and looking for help organizing their ideas and plans.
  • Editing
  • Producing
  • Recording
  • Reporting
  • Scripting
  • Writing

About Reva

Reva Goldberg is a versatile content producer and strategist with a passion for socially relevant nonfiction storytelling. She applies her uniquely blended background in film and documentary production, narrative audio, and nonprofit communications to the work of amplifying critical voices and ideas. Current projects include the (forthcoming) narrative history podcast “Amended” for Humanities New York, the weekly chat show “Listed” for Spoke Media / Forbes Entertainment, “The Overstory” (a Sierra Magazine podcast), and an experiential audio piece for Human Rights Watch.

Reva's Portfolio



  • Audience Development
  • Budgeting
  • Field Producing
  • Field Recording
  • Grant Writing
  • Interviewing
  • Marketing
  • Mixing
  • Producing
  • Reporting
  • Show Development
  • Sound Design
  • Story Editing
  • Voiceover


  • Recorders: Zoom h4n and Zoom H5
  • Microphones: Shure SM58 (vocal mic), AT897 (shotgun mic), Rode Podcaster (USB mic). Shock mounts, pistol grip, table stands, wind screens, etc
  • Pro Tools, Reaper, Hindenburg, Descript