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Rebecca Nolan

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Member since 2019


  • St. John's, NL, Canada
  • Morro Bay , CA


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About Rebecca

Rebecca is a radio documentarian and sound designer living in Newfoundland, a windswept island full of codfish, icebergs, and storytellers. 

​Rebecca has been working in the realm of audio for over seven years specializing in experimental and immersive soundscapes. Her work often explores the elusive nature of memory, blending genres to create pieces that blur the line between fact and fiction. 

​Rebecca’s radio documentaries have aired on BBC Shortcuts, as well as CBC & NPR affiliate stations. Her work has been recognized by The Atlantic Journalism Awards as well as the prestigious Prix Marulic radio festival. 

​As a sound designer, Rebecca specializes in creating immersive and innovative soundscapes that transport the audience to the heart of a story. Most recently Rebecca worked as the lead sound designer and audio editor for the award-winning sci-fi podcast The Apocrypha Chronicles, showcasing her passion for pushing the boundaries of audio storytelling. 

Rebecca has also worked with award winning production company Battery Radio. At Battery Radio she helped produce a variety of Soundwalks. These interactive audio installations use oral history interviews, music and archival material to transform the ground you walk on into a living story. 

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  • Zoom H5
  • Zoom H1
  • Rode NTG2
  • Boom Pole
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  • Pro Tools
  • Izotope RX9