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Mary Rose Madden

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I bring a particularly human touch to all my news features - longform or short, whether they're investigatory or lean more towards human interest.
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  • Baltimore , MD

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I'd like to do journalism - in-depth features, creative profiles, narrative story-telling, collaborations across states or platforms, read books, or voice-over work.
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About Mary Rose My work often has a heartbeat: action-packed and vibrant stories that ask meaningful questions and show lasting implications. An editor once told me to find a "good court case and pull it apart." I loved that. The assignment resulted in a 30 minute piece for Reveal that had witness depositions, police radio dispatches, and a deep dive audio investigation into police coverup culture. For the past few years, I was a full-time reporter at the Baltimore NPR station. I wasn't assigned a particular beat but told to find "good stories." The result: stories about city farmers who are allowed to lease but not purchase city land, various forms of drug addiction treatments, school climate/ sexting and shaming in middle school, a criminal justice series on inequalities in policing and the courts. I'm comfortable being dropped into any project.



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  • Marantz PMD620 + shotgun mic