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Manola Secaira

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California-based environmental journalist, interested in telling stories that uplift underrepresented community voices
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About Manola

Hi! I'm Manola, an environmental journalist currently working for CapRadio, the NPR station in Sacramento. I've been doing audio stories here for the last year and a half, covering topics like extreme weather in the state, the worsening impacts of climate change, and how communities are responding. Before that, I worked at a PBS affiliate in Seattle where I covered both Indigenous Affairs and environmental justice (topics that frequently overlap with one another, as Tribes play a big role in environmental policy throughout the country). 

More recently, I've been interested in exploring projects where I create audio stories rooted in the perspectives of people who share my background -- specifically, queer communities of color. I want to create stories that don't necessarily prioritize explaining their contents to people outside of our community; instead, I want to do storytelling that does not need to explain itself constantly but instead digs in, with nuance and complexity, to the needs of the community it wants to serve.

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