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Lou Baron

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With an education in storytelling and an eye for detail, I produce projects for artists and organizations I believe in.
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  • New York, NY


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About Lou

Hi there! I'm Lou Baron (she/her), and NYC-based audio producer. Currently, I'm the production coordinator for duotone audio group.

Recently, I was an associate producer with Gotham West Studios, where I helped outline and execute launch plans for new shows (and new seasons) for their slate of entertainment chat shows. In 2023, I was the audio production and development intern with APM Studios, where I worked on everything from new show development to daily production to research, transcription and fact-checking for narrative series'.

I tend to hang around arts & culture, educational and deeply personal podcasts, but love working on anything that expands my mind. My love of the arts in particular led me to the festival world, where I've interviewed writers, filmmakers and musicians. I've also interned in music and talk programming with SiriusXM, and won collegiate podcast awards from SPJ, CBI and NYSBA. 

I graduated from Ithaca College with a BA in Culture and Communication and minors in Spanish and English. Translation: I studied stories across literature, screen media and theater in two languages. That said, I spent enough time doing college radio that I should probably have a degree in that too. In the Spring of 2022, I lived in Seville, Spain and took class entirely in Spanish for four months.

The part of my day I most look forward to is working with talent in session. I live in my prep docs, spreadsheets and production calendars, and the chrome tab-grouping feature saved my life.

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