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Lewis Wallace

Rigorous journalist for liberation. I can edit, produce, write, collaborate, lead projects, teach radio and podcasting, and do tape syncs. Based in Durham, white and transgender, ready to rabble-rouse!
Member since 2015
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About Lewis

I'm an independent writer, editor and multimedia journalist based in North Carolina. My book, The View from Somewhere (University of Chicago Press, 2019), focuses on debunking the myth of "objectivity" in journalism as it's been used to uphold white supremacy and status quo thinking. I'm the host and executive producer of The View from Somewhere: A podcast about journalism with a purpose, which is both historical and narrative. I previously worked for public radio's Marketplace in the New York bureau, and before that, I was the economics reporter and managing editor at WYSO Public Radio in Yellow Springs, Ohio. At WYSO, I founded a prison radio project, and worked closely with youth radio and community voices programs teaching community members to make radio stories. I got my start in radio as a Pritzker Journalism Fellow at WBEZ in Chicago. My work focuses on the voices of people who are geographically, economically and politically marginalized, and I have rigorous, meticulous habits as a features reporter and a daily news journalist and editor. I have a B.A. in religion from Northwestern University (summa cum laude), and before becoming a news hound, I spent many years as a community organizer around prison abolition, a queer youth activist, a barista and a sex educator. I'm available for feature editing and reporting, tape syncs, podcast production, and have a special liking for economic, environmental and racial justice reporting. I am transgender and often report on queer and trans issues. I also have experience teaching, mentoring and training people as they learn to write, report, mix and edit for radio.

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  • Marantz 661
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