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Carrie Cantrell

Photo of Carrie Cantrell
Human rights reporter and audio engineer.
Member since 2023

Carrie is available for

Freelance audio editing, information gathering & research, freelance reporting.
  • Fact Checking
  • Editing
  • Producing
  • Reporting
  • Writing

About Carrie


I am the founding producer and host for Let's Talk!, PCC's flagship disability-related podcast, featured in the college-wide showcase on Global Accessibility Awareness Day. I approach storytelling and accessibility at the community level, focusing on human rights, science and arts, and the environment. Previously, I contributed to Bread and Roses' longstanding collective of creators. For three years, I was a show producer and host on KBOO-FM, a community radio station in Oregon. I engaged members of the artist and musician community of Portland in on-air interviews and live-engineered performances. My work is part of a five-decade-plus community radio project that teaches and promotes freedom of the airwaves. I am engaged in a four-year liberal arts program at Oregon State University for Digital Communication Arts. My material is driven by social or professional context, technical understanding, and passion for communication & accessibility. I am currently looking for work to fill support roles, either in research or content production (specifically remote audio editing), for stories that interest me and align with my goals of advocacy and justice. 

Carrie's Portfolio



  • Mixing
  • Story Editing
  • Sound Design
  • Show Development
  • Scrubbing and Audio Editing
  • Research
  • Reporting
  • Producing
  • Mentoring
  • Logistics and Coordination
  • Interviewing
  • Field Recording
  • Field Producing
  • Fact Checking
  • Booking
  • Audio Engineering


  • Panasonic Lumix10000 Mirrorless 4K
  • Shure Blue Yeti USB desktop Mic & Windscreen
  • Moblile recording and editing station via Macbook pro 2022

Previous Work

  • Producer at Portland Community College
  • Creator at KBOO (11/2019)