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Bronwen Clark

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Bronwen is an audio producer, writer, and editor who combines an academic background in clinical psychology and comparative literature with a love for culturally competent storytelling.
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I’m primarily available for producing, scripting/writing, and research. I’m especially interested in working on narrative nonfiction, society and cultural, politics, psychology, and new fiction/narrative podcasts. Always open to being approached for new opportunities!
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About Bronwen

Every detour I have taken along my professional journey has been guided by a passion for creativity and a curiosity about the human condition. As an experienced storyteller with a diverse background in production, writing, community psychology, and digital content creation, I am excited to engage with others through AIR and join the next generation of new media leaders.

My work within community mental health has primed a sensitivity to the urgency of intersectional awareness, and I am passionate about culturally competent storytelling that examines the interrelationship between social issues and psychology. I believe behavior—at every level of societal organization—is contextual, and my journalistic aim is to conceptualize the stories impacting ours with regard to cultural influences and the psychological space.

As a refugee from the Hollywood writers' room, I'm devoted to creating new content that challenges the status quo. 

From firsthand experience, I know how much language—and the meaning we attach to words—matters. It is impossible to separate mental health from the context of news reported or stories told, and I hope to play an influential role in humanizing the issues and reducing the prevalence of sensationalized inaccurate information that fuels prejudice and discrimination. I utilize narrative techniques informed by clinical theory to explore the interplay between social reality and the ways in which we assign meaning to the events in our lives.

The skills I cultivated as an executive assistant and screenwriter working in the fast-paced world of television production—excellent written and verbal communication skills, great time management, and ability to produce a high standard of work amidst tight deadlines—help me immensely in organizing creative ambitions.

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