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Bronwen Clark

Full of existential mirth. I am currently a freelance writer, editr, and producer. A refugee from the Hollywood writers' room. Trained as a therapist. Fueled by millennial angst.. Creator/host of Them's the Rules.
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Bronwen is available for

Creating all the podcasts!

Available for producing, scripting, collaboration, pitching opportunities/open submissions, story development, research, fact checking, and motivational support.

Hoping to network, meet my fellow nerds, improve marketing and promotion skillset (my MO is self-deprecation, not self-promotion), and test out the waters for potential future collaborations!
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  • Scripting
  • Voice
  • Writing

About Bronwen

Every detour I have taken along my professional journey has been guided by a passion for creativity and a curiosity about the human condition. As an experienced storyteller with a diverse background in production, writing, community psychology, and digital content creation, I am excited to engage with others through AIR and join the next generation of new media leaders.

My work within community mental health has primed a sensitivity to the urgency of intersectional awareness, and I am passionate about culturally competent storytelling that examines the interrelationship between social issues and psychology. I believe behavior—at every level of societal organization—is contextual, and my journalistic aim is to conceptualize the stories impacting ours with regard to cultural influences and the psychological space.

As a refugee from Hollywood, I'm devoted to creating new content, not just spin-offs of what's already out there. I believe that originality requires risk-taking, and you only live once (unless you believe in Buddhism). ;) 

From firsthand experience, I know how much language—and the meaning we attach to words—matters. It is impossible to separate mental health from the context of news reported or stories told, and I hope to play an influential role in humanizing the issues and reducing the prevalence of sensationalized inaccurate information that fuels prejudice and discrimination.

The skills I cultivated as an executive assistant and screenwriter working in the fast-paced world of television production—excellent written and verbal communication skills, great time management, and ability to produce a high standard of work amidst tight deadlines—help me immensely in organizing creative ambitions. 

A desire to engage more authentically with storytelling, fortified by a personal immersion into the treatment world, motivated my decision to flee Hollywood and pursue a degree in clinical psychology. As a mental health counselor serving the low-income population of Los Angeles, I worked with a diverse array of clients, developing a deep understanding of the interplay between systemic oppression and mental health. Always a storyteller, I utilized techniques from narrative theory to empower my clients to take control of the ways in which they assign meaning to the events in their lives.

My transition to digital journalism comes from a desire to play a more active role in my community. Already an NPR junkie, I have had the opportunity to experience and fall in love with all sides of audio production through maintaining my own podcast.

Now, I am looking forward to advancing my proficiency in digital storytelling, mastering the tools and community engagement techniques to create the most dynamic episodes possible, and build a community of fellow nerds passionate about storytelling!


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