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Andrew Shults

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Fascinated by language, tech, and music, I'm a reliable and flexible audio producer and project/team manager. I blend authentic storytelling with data-driven insights to produce captivating podcasts and location-based audio experiences.
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  • Walla Walla, WA


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While currently employed full-time, my door's always open to hearing about new ideas and projects, and looking for ways I can be of help. Feel free to reach out!
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About Andrew

I'm Andrew, a creative producer with a knack for technology and a profound appreciation for the power of audio. Currently based in Washington state, I've spent years immersed in the world of media production, leveraging my diverse background to craft captivating narratives that engage and inspire audiences.

My path in media began with a Bachelor's Degree in Linguistics, Language, and Speech Technologies, complemented by a Professional Certificate in Technology Management from the University of California, Santa Barbara. During college, I broadened my horizons through the UC Education Abroad Program in Latin American Studies at Universidad Nacional de Tres de Febrero in Buenos Aires, Argentina.

In my senior year at Santa Barbara, I led a team in the Technology Management Program's New Venture Competition, with a project called the Rezonator. Spearheaded by Professor John W. Du Bois, this groundbreaking research initiative aimed to progress human-computer interaction through the analysis of linguistic resonance. Our development of a gaming software tool facilitated dialogue interaction with users, allowing us to gather crowd-sourced language data essential for training AI algorithms.

Drawing on my educational foundation, I’m trying to carve out a career at the intersection of language and technology. I've cultivated a robust skill set in audio and podcast production, recording, sound design, and script editing. As the Producer & Data Team Manager at Shaka Guide, I'm responsible for producing self-guided GPS-based audio tours that captivate listeners with authentic storytelling while overseeing the data team responsible for uploading and maintaining all of the content, and functional data in our app.

A musician and music lover at heart, I also founded Redefining Records, an online music publication dedicated to various musical projects. This has been the vehicle for me to teach myself anything I’ve been interested in. It’s also where I found my spark for audio production. With this project, I’ve led a team in producing engaging content, including podcasts, articles, and videos, as well as providing media coverage on several notable music festivities. Additionally, I created, hosted, edited, and produced the music interview podcast Sound for Thought, along with producing the music history podcast Bands, Beers & Buzzwords.

Previously, my experience as a Podcast Producer at Third Wheel Podcast Studio provided me with the opportunity to work closely with clients in the studio, offering production expertise and ensuring a seamless recording and post-production experience. I've also navigated the realm of digital marketing as a self-employed specialist, crafting marketing strategies, and designing websites and graphics.

Before venturing into the media world, I served as an Assistant Project Manager & Linguistic Tester at Welocalize, where I honed my project management skills and managed linguistic data processing for voice AI products.

I'm always stoked to explore new opportunities and collaborate on interesting audio and tech projects. Feel free to connect with me via email, or LinkedIn, to discuss potential working together or simply connect and chat about ideas.

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