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Amelia Chappelow

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I'm a genuine, experienced and curious audio professional. Currently a manager at Earwolf.
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  • Los Angeles, CA


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About Amelia

Amelia Chappelow is an award winning transdisciplinary executive producer, director & showrunner with a passion for helping people share their stories and connect with their communities in innovative ways.

Amelia was one of public radio’s first online producers at the Australian Broadcasting Corporation and was recognised for innovative audience engagement with winning radio awards for Emergency Broadcast Coverage & Reporting for online and on air. She has worked across daily news, music & lifestyle shows with ABC Melbourne and modernised live radio production for triple j, Australia’s leading music and culture recommending brand, a national youth radio station across all platforms. 

During the pandemic, Amelia launched Linda Marigliano’s Tough Love podcast as her first independent audio project and developed & EP'd Who is Daniel Johns? a Spotify Australian Original audio documentary. She joins Earwolf as Executive Producer and launched Seth Rogen's new podcast: Storytime with Seth Rogen - out now.



  • Acting
  • Mixing
  • Voice Coaching
  • Story Editing
  • Show Development
  • Research
  • Producing
  • Mentoring
  • Field Producing
  • Booking
  • Voiceover