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Abigail Keel

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Member since 2015


  • Brooklyn, NY


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About Abigail

Abigail Keel is freelance audio producer and reporter. Most recently she was a senior podcast producer at Witness Docs, from Stitcher. She’s been the force behind the scenes making shows like RubirosaToxic: The Britney Spears StoryUnfinished: Short Creek, (named one of the best podcasts of the year by the New Yorker) and All-American: Tiger Woods. Before making serialized documentaries, Abigail produced Unladylike, named one of Spotify’s top podcasts of 2018. She appeared on the show from time to time and edited the show on occasion.

Abigail spent two years producing The Longest Shortest Time where her team won two Third Coast International Audio Festival awards and produced a series about discrimination against working moms. She returned to edit the show in its second-to-last season, including a series about Sperm, hosted by Andrea Silenzi. She’s also reported stories for Radiolab (where Abigail was an intern),  Reveal: From the Center For Investigative ReportingThe Atlas Obscura Podcast and served as an editorial advisor for Bodies.

Abigail got a journalism degree from The Missouri School of Journalism.

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