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For more than a decade, AIR’s mentorship program has helped audio rookies and career pivoters take their professional development to the next level by providing a pathway to work with seasoned producers and editors with valuable industry insight. In 2021, AIR’s mentorship program migrated to SoundPath.  Our inaugural mentors Roifield BrownJeff Emtman, and Traci Tong proved a demand for those looking to level up their skills and get sound career and storytelling advice. In October 2021, Ann Marie AwadRob Byers, Mable ChanSam GreenspanRuxandra GuidiFrances Harlow, Sheeba JosephShia Levitt, Karen Michel, Sarah Montague, James Morrison, Kyle Norris, Chloe PrasinosSteve Rowland, and Ari Saperstein joined the roster of SoundPath mentors. Visit the mentor page on SoundPath to meet your next mentor. 

Do you know someone who would be a great mentor, but they aren't on our radar? Make us a mentor recommendation! Send an email with or without an introduction to [email protected] to tell us about someone in your community. 

How Mentorship Works

SoundPath community members book one-hour, à la carte sessions with our mentor roster by making a payment and scheduling their session on SoundPath. AIR members receive additional discounts on this service. AIR's team will continue to facilitate matchmaking recommendations and point to mentor profiles on SoundPath where mentees can book as many hourly sessions as needed to meet their career goals at any given time. For some, that might be one hour; for others, it could be more than four. As we open our mentorship service to the wider audio community, we hope to connect experienced mentors to more mentees seeking support, and drive more compensation to mentors. If you would like a recommendation for who to book a session with or have further questions about the SoundPath mentors, please reach out to the program lead, Erin McGregor at [email protected]

Become a SoundPath Mentor

What did you need when you were starting out in audio? Chances are you needed access to industry professionals to walk you through your first pitch or feature story, guidance launching and marketing a new podcast, or someone to give you advice on how to land your next producing gig. You needed someone who cared about your success and understood the unique challenges you faced starting out in audio and who was excited to watch your career unfold. Now that you’ve got hands-on experience, you can be the mentor you needed when you were starting out. 

We’re seeking a wide range of mentors, with varying experience levels and availability. Disclaimer: You don’t need to have 10+ years of experience to be a mentor! We’re interested in working with producers and editors with a variety of perspectives - whether you’re an underrepresented queer, trans, or BIPOC producer or storyteller with valuable industry insight, a veteran of the audio industry, an audio trailblazer, or an international producer, we’re searching far and wide. Your knack for the “business side” of podcasting, that skillset you learned in the newsroom or the field, or your unlikely path to sound engineering, we want to hear all about it. Your desire to share your skills and connect with emerging audio professionals is all you need to apply and AIR has a paid opportunity for a new cohort of SoundPath Mentors.  

SoundPath Mentors choose their own rates (current mentor rates range from $35 - $210), hours of availability, and participate in an orientation and marketing training to help you succeed as a SoundPath Mentor. SoundPath mentors will be invited to participate in panels and community events to promote their work and expertise and get in front of emerging producers. 

The application to be a SoundPath Mentor remain open so we can continue to add new talent to SoundPath on a rolling basis. Apply now to be an AIR SoundPath Mentor or make us a mentor recommendation. Send an email with or without an introduction to [email protected] to tell us about someone in your community who has valuable experience in the industry and who we should feature as a SoundPath mentor

Evolving AIR's Mentorship Program

In the past, for $500, mentees and mentors committed to work together for four one-hour sessions to be completed over a period of 90 days. This model was cost prohibitive for some emerging producers, and the waiting period for mentorship matching was not set up to serve those seeking guidance on a timely story or a pitch. In response, we made some mentorships accessible on a sliding pay scale and offered free mentorships to those members who could not access them otherwise, all while continuing to pay our mentors competitive hourly rates. Now, we are evolving the program structure to meet the changing needs of AIR’s membership and to reach the wider audio community.


For more information on the mentorship program and how to participate, please contact Engagement Strategist Erin McGregor at [email protected]


How can I work with a mentor?

You can go to any time and book a session directly with a mentor there. If you prefer we suggest an appropriate mentor for you, email [email protected] to help you decide who to work with.

How long in between mentorships do I have to wait before participating again?

You can book as many one-on-one sessions as you like. We recommend booking one session to start and then scheduling more as needed after discussing with your mentor. If you have trouble scheduling another session please contact [email protected]

Are discounts on mentorships available?

AIR members receive discounted pricing for mentorship. At this time, no formal programs exist to fully subsidize mentorships. That said, we welcome you to email [email protected] directly to discuss possible options to support your participation.

Do I have to have a specific project that I’m working on in order to benefit from mentoring?

We find that mentorships are more focused and effective if the mentee has a project or specific goals around which to frame the engagement. However, you can also ask your mentor for general career advice, receive feedback on a specific pitch or story, or even have a mentor review your portfolio.

How are mentorships conducted?

Mentorships occur remotely over video conference. Mentees can book a session through SoundPath after your payment is collected.

What if I have trouble reaching my mentor or mentee?

Please contact AIR and direct facilitation will be provided.

How can I become a SoundPath mentor?

Apply! The application remains open all year.

As a mentor, what do I need to do in order to receive payment?

Mentors can expect to receive a check for completed sessions once a month.

I know someone who is a great fit for the program. How do I tell you about them?

Erin McGregor leads the SoundPath mentorship program and is happy to take your recommendations for mentors, especially those from underrepresented voices in media (queer, trans, black, indigenous, people of color, people with disabilities, etc). Please email [email protected] with or without an introduction to your recommended mentor!