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The Podcasting, Seriously Awards Fund

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AIR has partnered with Lantigua Williams & Co. (LW&C) and Pacific Content to deliver a fund to ensure that high quality work from QTBIPOC independent audio producers is considered for prestigious awards. The Fund will help independent U.S.-based audio professionals submit work to key U.S. and Canadian competitions by covering submission fees for producers, editors, and creators working in digital audio.


Prestigious journalism and media awards are catalysts for opportunity and proxies for achievement and ability. Even a nomination or honorable mention elevates the work of creators who have yet to achieve the recognition they deserve. But the cost of submitting work to awards is often prohibitive for independent producers. Often, QTBIPOC and early-career aspirants are deterred from applying due to a past lack of representation among finalists and winners. That may also incorrectly and inadvertently signal that these folks aren’t making fantastic work—when some are actually making extraordinary work.


Producers will complete a simple form to apply for reimbursement after they submit their work to awards. The Fund’s Advisory Board, comprised largely of independent audio producers, will vote on submissions. The Fund will openly and anonymously track donations and disbursements on its website. LW&C will administer the Fund on a pro bono basis.


The Fund will accept reimbursement requests for award fees incurred from September of the previous calendar year to March, during the height of awards season. 

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