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Longform storytelling podcast on Asia - Pitch us!

Posted: October 2, 2022

So many compelling stories from Asia never make it to any airwaves.


Not the Cat, a storytelling podcast on Asia, is changing that.

The show features stories from reporters across the region, as well as from the two hosts.


What we’re looking for:


Stories that surprise us, have vibrant characters, and take us on a journey.

We especially like stories that have characters who grow and change, that challenge or alter our understanding of a place, culture, or thing, that seek to answer a question and take us along on the quest, or that inform us about something we all should know… but don’t. Stories that go beyond the news and typical sound bites.


We care about the high brow and the low, the politics and the pop culture, because let’s be real: you can only understand a place when you get the full picture. 

Everything from sound rich stories to personal audio essays.


Things to include:

What’s the story arc? Who are the characters? What other sound do we hear?Why are you compelled to tell this story? What hooks the listener? What is surprising, moving, and/or causes a listener to question assumptions?


Please tell us a little bit about yourself and include a couple clips.

Send pitches to: [email protected], and please include the word PITCH in the subject line.


(Compensation varies depending on story complexity and number of voices)



The show is hosted by two Asian pop culture, tech, and political nerds who are as versed in boy bands and video games, as they are in education policy and nuclear proliferation. We speak multiple languages and have lived on both sides of the Pacific.

Naomi Gingold is an American public radio journalist and producer/editor/host/sound designer who's lived and reported from across Asia. 

Jacky Ahn Yang is a lawyer, writer, and pop culture and policy wonk from South Korea.



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