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Pitch Us: The World

Posted: May 20, 2020

The World is a multi-media platform of international news, events and culture, with a twist. We go beyond delivering “foreign” news to an American audience. What we do is showcase the ways in which we are all connected in the global community. It doesn’t matter whether a story comes from Alaska or Zimbabwe; whether it’s talking about Mexican chocolate in Chicago or dissecting the intricacies of Syria’s civil war. What we look for is a story that highlights how we intersect and interact with the wide variety of countries, cultures and nationalities that make up the world in which we live.

show: One hour, daily / M-F

segments: Lengths vary, but in general stories shouldn’t be more than 4:30. We could really use shorter pieces — some of our best, most seasoned reporters shine brightest in their 3-minute stories. We have also aired mini-documentaries as long as 15 minutes, but that is rare. All our stories include a web version as well as pictures. Payment is based on type of story, not length.

compensation: Our rates are based on regular and occasional contributors, and three types of stories – along with multi-media.

pitch: What we’d like from a pitch is a short, concise proposal that includes why your story matters to listeners. It doesn’t just state an issue or a problem, but gives us an idea of how that issue or problem is playing out in daily life. Pitching us a story about runaway inflation in Venezuela doesn’t help. We know that inflation there is bad. What’s new? What’s changing? What interesting examples have you found, and why do you want to tell the story now? Is there an anecdote that reflects this?

contact: Both [email protected] and [email protected].
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