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A Humorous Salute from AIR to the MQ2 Grantees

During the PRPD Conference in Cleveland, AIR staff and board members thew a dinner to honor the 5-month SURVIVOR-like production marathon that ALL of our 8 MQ2 grantees just recently completed. In this video, MQ2 Talent Manager Julie Drizin and AIR Membership Director Erin Mishkin jokingly/lovingly salute each of the grantees.

MQ2 is an initiative that was launched by AIR in September 2008 and funded primarily by the Corporation for Public Broadcasting (CPB) with the aim of turning to producers to help lead public radio in its transition to public media. The project disbursed $400,000 to 8 selected producers and sound artists exploring new approaches to producing for traditional broadcast as well as new digital platforms.