Words Cannot Express…

NPR just got a rare shout-out on Innovative Interactivity: A digital watering hole for multimedia enthusiasts. It’s one of more than 130 blogs I follow on a regular basis, searching online to discover surprises, treasures and awesomeness to share with you.

Actually, it wasn’t just NPR that received applause. Radiolab – the hyper-original experimental series from Jad Abumrad and Robert Krulwich – shared the kudos, along with Will Hoffman and Daniel Mercadante of Everynone, a video production company.

This week’s edition of Radiolab called Words is a poetic and fascinating exploration of the human relationship with language. I really can’t say more about it…can’t find the words…but, you should listen…and also watch this lovely and provocative accompanying video on the same theme:

Is a video worth a thousand words?

When you are done watching “Words,” click on over to Everynone’s website, where you can view many other elegant and excellent short films, including a few previous produced for NPR & Radiolab.