Why Public Media Makers Should Create Apps for Palm Pre

Check out this performance comparison between the Palm Pre and the iPhone 3G.
TechnoBuffalo gives Pre the edge on several features including keyboard, multi-tasking, horizontal to vertical and vice versa page view flip, and size. However, Pre is
less than 6 months old and NEEDS lots and lots of applications in order
to truly be competitive with iPhone. Pre has 100’s. iPhone has 1,000’s.

PUBLIC MEDIA MAKERS, THIS IS A MONEY-MAKING/CAREER-ENHANCING OPPORTUNITY! DON”T MISS OUT! (imagine the folks at AIR jumping up and down and waving signs/flags while we share this).

After you study the review, check out Lu Olkowski’s In Verse poetry application for iPhones and imagine making it for Pre in a wide open market where there is much
less competition for attention than, say, iPhone. Please note: Pre was not on the market when Lu initated her iPhone app many months ago.