Letter of Interest: Rebranding, Website Redesign and Implementation

PLEASE NOTE: We are now closed to inquiries. Thank you for your interest and attention.

July 29, 2019—AIR is a 30-year-old nonprofit organization based in Boston, Massachusetts. We are a talent network of 1,400+ public media journalists, media makers and producers with a core expertise in independent audio production. AIRsters include both emerging and established voices. We work to provide independents in media with resources, support, and opportunities.

AIR seeks a partner consultant for rebranding and website redesign and implementation from September 2019 to February 2020. The primary goals of the rebranding and website redesign are (1) to strengthen AIR’s community and (2) to support AIRsters with accessible resources. We would like a partner that can work alongside AIR’s staff and contracted website project manager in a flexible manner.  We are looking for a partner who brings their expertise and innovation, and is willing to explore options with us to meet our intended goals.

AIR’s staff is enthusiastic about a complete rebranding and seeing the updated brand consistently applied across all communications. Co-creation with and input from staff, AIRsters, board members, and other stakeholders will be necessary for a strong, successful rebranding. AIR wants the brand to:

  • Better showcase that it is a membership organization, made by and for people
  • Create a dynamic, people-centric community space
  • Honor AIR’s commitment to inclusivity and diverse voices (socioeconomic diversity and range of producer expertise)
  • Connect to the mission-driven work of AIRsters
  • Rely more on images and visuals and less on text

Since AIR is primarily a digital community, the website is a crucial place of gathering for AIRsters and home to most of AIR’s communications. As with the rebranding, we expect that the website redesign and implementation process will involve co-creation with stakeholders.

The redesign and implementation should lead to a more streamlined, user-friendly experience both for members as well as for staff working to manage members on the backend. In general, AIR’s website functionality is outdated and needs to be updated to meet current standards. This will include updating (or overhauling) AIR’s membership frontend and backend content management system, conducted through Presspoint and WordPress. We have identified the following areas of focus for the website:

  • Facilitate sharing and learning
  • Match AIRsters with work opportunities
  • Grow AIR’s membership
  • Leverage data to improve

Our budget for this work is up to $100k. If you are interested in receiving an RFP, please contact Fatema Boxwala, Website Project Manager, at

Thank you,
AIR team